7 Learnings from the book: “Never apply for a job again” by author Darrell Gurney.

Never apply for a job again !!!

The book by author Darrell Gurney, ‘ Never apply for a job again’, talks about a methodology called Stealth Networking.

Stealth networking techniques are of great importance when it comes to job search.

In times of Covid19 and economic recession fears on the rise, the book provides good insights on how we as professionals can navigate our careers in rough economic seas.

Professionals who invest in themselves by learning how to stealth network like a pro will be rewarded with a long term, sustainable, and a stable career.

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Rule 1 for Job search-Build relationship equity with your connections, coworkers.

Always give even before you ask for any help or support.

The law of attraction has its wonderful ways of returning your good deeds by enabling all your wishes.

So get out and start networking and connecting with the people.

Listen to the complete podcast here & learn the 7 techniques from the book summarised for you.

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I hope you will like the podcast episode wherein I have summarised my learnings from the book “Never apply for a job again”.

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