Leadership Lessons from the film “Super 30”

The film “Super 30” is not only a film but a mission of uplifting students from the lowest economic strata.

Uplifting them by fulfilling their dreams for a better life, better education.

To execute this mission requires Leadership. Leadership is a skill that sets the winner apart from the rest.

“What is the difference between a leader and a manager”?

I was recently asked this question and I replied by narrating an example; have you ever taken a taxi ride? You as the guest gives direction to the driver on your destination and how fast you need to reach.

Here Driver is playing the role of a manager.

Based on experience, he works out the shortest route, time, alternate routes in case of traffic, basically, he is using his skills and resources to ensure that you reach your destination on time or even before time.

You are playing the role of a leader in this example since you have figured out the destination/ goal (which is part of your vision) and are clear that you need to be at your destination at a particular time.

And the tasks that you need to do by reaching your destination.

If the situation demands, you do inspire your driver to push the limits by taking alternative routes and trying out different ways to reach your destination. You incentivize the driver once the journey is over and he accomplishes his goal.

The main role of a leader

Provide a vision, goal and inspire his men to believe that the goal is achievable and show them the way by providing team desired resources and making his team realize the importance of goal achievement by aligning them towards a common goal.

Recently, I watched the movie “Super 30” which inspired me to write down my learnings from this movie.

This movie pushed me to think like the main protagonist, Sir Anand Kumar (played by Hrithik Roshan) and I went home with a question in my mind, “What inspires a common man to do great things for his nation?

My key learnings from the movie “Super 30”.



Persistence is the ability to stick with something, your purpose for a long time. It’s the quality of being determined to do or achieve some purpose.

Anand Kumar faced all challenges in pursuing his mission of educating students from the lowest strata of society and his vision of seeing all his students clearing IIT-JEE exams.

IIT- JEE is one of the most stringent competitive exams in the world with a passing percentage of less than 1%.

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Listening to Inner voice

Sometimes, without our knowledge, we tend to ignore our inner voice which keeps pushing us in a direction that was destined for us. Management gurus call it “Finding your purpose”.

Once you have identified what you are good at, just focus on that strength and make it invincible.


Believe in Yourself- Super 30

“When the times are tough, it is the tough who gets going”.

Remembers challenges and difficulties are Almighty’s ways of polishing you into the finest diamond. If you believe in something, then pursue it with all your passion and energy to ensure that you succeed.

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Mathematics pushes you to think beyond.

As a teaching pedagogy, Anand Kumar inspires his students to think beyond numbers, relate this craft with sports wherein you master the craft by regular practice and hard work.

In Boxing sport, a good boxer does not learn or practice 100 kinds of punches but he focuses on 1 kind of punch by practicing it 100,000 times. So when the time comes, this one punch will become invincible and would win the game for him.

Never let the success enter your head

“Super 30” is now a mission and a brand recognized by Time magazine, universities like Harvard and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Till today, “Super 30” classes are being run from the same compound & shelter from where it all started. Apparently, until today, the students are from the lowest strata of economic classifications & free education is being imparted.

Watch the real hero here

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The man behind Super 30 is an inspiration for all who believe that talent has no address but it takes the right attitude to find and achieve it.

I dedicate my article to all my teachers, entire teaching fraternity, as the saying goes “Teachers are truly the Nation’s builders”.

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