Management lessons from Bollywood movie “Parmanu”.

As most of you know that I spend most of my leisure time either reading or watching good movies which can inspire me. I normally observe the key functions like technicalities in production, VFX, story-telling format & overall direction of the movie. (Given the fact that I had previously managed a post-production digital agency myself & hence these skills have become an integral part of my life).

Recently I watched a new movie “Parmanu” which I felt was from the genre of reality cinema and has inspired me to pen down few of my management tips as a part of my purpose to inspire young minds to focus on enhancing their value based learnings.

”Parmanu” means “ nuclear” in English and as the title suggests the movie has been inspired from real life facts on the nuclear bomb test explosions conducted by the Indian Army at Pokhran in 1998.

My keynotes:

A) Learn the art of storytelling to sell your concept or idea to your management/customer.

The Key protagonist John Abraham used the metaphor of Mahabharata to explain the 5 key skills that would be required to make overall operations covert and successful. They used the concept of Pandavas from the holy book of Mahabharata.

B) Learn to live & survive from organizational politics, group-ism and make your presence felt by pioneering the art of diplomacy.

The key actor uses this skill set quite to his advantage, by consistently following up with his superiors, influencers and trying his best to achieve his overall objective. He used his art of diplomacy to his best while initially, he had failed in managing his peer circle and influencers. But as a true leader, he organized his team with skillful experts from different sectors like ISRO, BARC, Army, telecommunications, Intelligence and Research wing. Like in Mahabharata, Lord Krishna without holding any weapon or ammunition, won the battle for Pandavas by mere giving his strategic inputs to Pandavas from time to time and let the Pandavas use their own inherent skills.

C) Teamwork leads to success.

Sharing of information and well-coordinated efforts of the team leads to success in any operations. Delegate the responsibilities to professionals and make them accountable to the overall project, leads to positive action generating success in any form of business or in warfare.

4) This one is my favorite “You don’t need a uniform to become a hero and serve your country, you can still contribute to your society and country in your own way in your own domain by channelizing your efforts for the welfare of people”.

Hope my management tips would inspire young minds & compel them to take control of their lives by enhancing their value based learnings and skills development. I am sure this article would not only inspire my followers in the Indian sub-continent but would cut across geographies as the learnings from the Holy Scripture (Mahabharata) is generic and socially relevant.


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About the author:

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