Can a fashion brand survive without Ecommerce? Primark has the answer

“Can you as a retailer dare to ignore ecommerce?”

This question can put any retailer in the spotlight.

My response is a bit different.

“Being vulnerable can become a source of strength”.

When the world is moving towards phygital & Omni-commerce retail, there is one brand that boldly says NO to eCommerce. 

That makes them Unique and BOLD and Different.

I am the biggest fan of their strategy to counter the onslaught by online players.

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Primark value fashion

What is making Primark defy all odds and still be successful in only physical store format?

There are plenty of factors but the main one which I believe is that of a kid in a candy store feeling, only this time it is replaced with fashionable clothes.

The feeling, “I can buy all these fashion items without burning a hole in my pocket”

That’s what is driving growth to this value fashion retailer.

Experiential retail- Primark way

Primark introduced their world’s biggest store, as well as it being their new Flagship store, this time- Birmingham!

The store reinforces experiential spaces within the store.

experiential retail - Primark

if you are looking for a bit of pampering on your shopping day, instead of visiting a beauty salon, why not take advantage of their Beauty Studio. Get your beauty regime done in the store. 

Services like manicure and pedicure are rendered to the shoppers.

feeling tired while shopping, time for spa..

They have taken cue from IKEA dinning hall and have a full fledged The Mezz Restaurant to refuel you before continuing your shopping spree. 

Post Pandemic insights taken note by Primark team

One category that has come out as a winner post covid19 is Wellness.

People today are more self-aware and have started asking as to what are they using or consuming. 

Personally, I have even seen women checking the ingredients listing printed on the packaging.

Wellness is about peace of mind, and however you would like to interpret this, this comes in many different forms. 

From touching base through a Spiritual perception, perhaps taking on Yoga or any other Athleisure hobby – Wellness items help cover this aspect with soft and sustainable workout wear.

Primark team has thrown a complete wellness studio within their store.

Primark wellness lines which is made of sustainable fabric, ethically grown cotton, and consumers can feel like “chic & cozy”.

creating experiential environment inside retail
Primark saying no to Ecommerce

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Hyper Personalisation – Primark custom lab.

Shoppers can print their messages on the T-shirts, merchandise like cups, or even paint their personalized shoes.

hyper personalization of goods

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“Reinvent and Readapt yourself in order to stay relevant to your customers”.

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experiential retail is the answer to face onslaught by Ecommerce